Solar Panel System

Solar Panels

Solar panels (also Called PV panels) would be the most critical of All of the solar energy parts. Residential solar panels are constructed of on typical 60 solar panels, while many commercial solar panels comprise 72 solar panels, and therefore are what accumulate and convert the light from sunlight into electrical energy.

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Solar panels generate Direct Current (DC) electricity but almost everything you use in your house uses Alternating Current (AC) electricity. This is the reason why solar panels need an inverter. Microinverters are mounted right behind every solar panel and then convert the DC power out of every solar panel to useable AC electricity.

Solar Flashing

Flashing is a vital portion of a roof system. Its function Is to maintain your roof airtight and watertight by sealing up areas which are exposed to water. However, in the case of solar panels, it is the point at which the solar racking joins to a pitched roof that’s the greatest concern.

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Racking and Mounting Equipment

Racking and Mounting Equipment

Rooftop solar panel systems may have a mounting and racking Gear, which will maintain the solar panels stationary in your roof. Their layout is vital to be certain that the panels get maximum sun while being made for wind loads applicable to a region.

Production Monitoring

Our exclusive microinverter provider features a Complementary monitoring application, Enphase My Enlighten, which you may utilize to Monitor your solar power generation from the smartphone, computer, or pc. You will Have the Ability to Make Sure your system is working optimally and see how many Kilowatt-hours you’re generating daily.

Production Monitoring


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24/7 monitoring of your solar panels performance and usage guidance.

Monitoring &

Monitoring solar panel output allows you to see the energy your system.


Solar panelscan bring in monthly savings of well above $100 in many states

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Connected to the grid resulting in exchanging electricity units in day & night.


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This includes paying for solar panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and for the installation.

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